Grassroots Superintendent Searches By and For Public School Communities

The disastrous reign of former Superintendent John Deasy of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) ended after public inquiry into his 1:1 $1 billion iPad deal forced his resignation for alleged cronyism and bid-rigging. Ongoing investigations by the FBI and SEC into his business dealings with Apple and Pearson show what’s at stake when the selection of a school district leader skips over a thin resume or underwhelming record.

Now the same “civic leaders” who were John Deasy’s cheerleaders want a say in finding his successor. NOPE.

A movement in LAUSD sprang up to ensure that a search for his replacement does not suffer from the same secrecy and lack of vetting. We need parents, community leaders, school board members, students, teachers, and administrators to speak up about the important qualities a school superintendent must have to be an education leader. We seek proven experience, not hype and patronage from wealthy philanthropists. This is true in Los Angeles, and this is true around the country. Let’s make our debate about the merits of candidates for Superintendent one that school boards must take into account no matter the size of the school district or its location.

It’s time to choose only those superintendent with proven track records as excellent educators, prudent financial administrators, and collaborators in leading public school communities. The wrong superintendent can cause untold waste, fraud, and abuse of the public trust and of public funding intended for the education of children. Join us no matter what part of the country you’re from!

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